“The whole process is so much easier and more intuitive. In terms of access to data, QlikView offers the visibility that I’ve been chasing for a long time. And the speed at which Allegro was able to accomplish so much is remarkable compared to traditional BI solutions.”
Mitch Jensen, VP of IT, Sunopta

The Allegro BI Difference

The Allegro BI Difference

The Allegro BI Difference:  Passion for Excellence;  Commitment to Delivery

Allegro is an elite QlikView business intelligence partner, committed to designing and delivering QlikView solutions that enable companies to thrive in today’s complex business environment.  We have a passion for excellence; all our consultants strive to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients.  By acting as their trusted advisor we aim to establish long term relationships with our clients. Dedicated to continuously earn this trust from our clients, we deliver the highest possible quality in what we do.

Achieving results through alignment and extraordinary delivery.

Allegro prides itself in fulfilling the promises made during the sale with genuine results.  Great companies and great consultants distinguish themselves through their diligence, accountability for results and their ability to stay aligned with client needs as they evolve and grow.

Flawless execution is the end result of doing many things very well including providing an environment that promotes full engagement; alignment of effort with client goals; ensuring clear expectations and accountability; continuously communicating with and involving the project team; and providing skilled consultants who have both the people skills and technical skills to deliver a superior work product.

This is our commitment:  To achieve our client’s goals and requirements, fulfill our responsibilities and complete our assignments quickly and efficiently. 

Driving end user adoption

Qlikview is an easy tool for users to learn how to manipulate.  But it is a mistake to confuse the ability to use the product with the ability to leverage (adopt) the solution to address the business purpose for which it is built.  Making the application relevant to users is vital because the biggest driver of returns on technology investment is effective end user adoption.

Our consultants engage end users early and often through the process to make sure that the applications we build are relevant to their business role and suitable for their level of sophistication.  We work hard to insure data integrity so that users can rely on it to make decisions. 

It is important to remember that user adoption is not a single event or decision on the part of a user. Rather it happens in phases which are affected by frequency and pattern of use.  We encourage a progressive user adoption strategy which consciously moves a user to new levels of product acceptance over time, through successive iterations that start with a set of core functionality that is easy to use and then progressively includes more advance functionality.

The end result is wholehearted user adoption in which users embrace the solution in their daily work routine.  It is not unusual in our clients for their users to become so reliant on QlikView that the thought of accomplishing a task in any other way would be unthinkable to them.

Building Trust and Customer Loyalty

We believe that trust is the glue that holds a business relationship together and we are blessed with very loyal customers who we value greatly.  Trust is the one thing that changes everything.  When trust is high,  costs are lower and projects are faster. 

We earn trust by repeatedly doing what we say we will do.    We try to be consistent both in our words and actions.  We build trust through knowledge of our client’s needs,  by the competence of our service delivery and through the integrity and honesty of our people.