ParStream Implementation Services

Analyze big data in real time

As the information age evolves, business have access to Big Data that is growing in volume, variety, velocity & complexity. Everyday, there is more data coming from even more sources. How do you make the right decisions right now? How do you combine streaming data sources with historical data while users are making simultaneous queries to perform complex analysis?

Allegro BI believes that the best approach is ParStream, a revolutionary big data database. ParStream offers performance faster than its competitors such as Cloudera, Hana or Hadoop. As a partner and reseller of ParStream, Allegro BI helps you implement the technology and make the most of your investment.  ParStream will help you make better decisions faster than ever before.

Our ParStream services include:

  • ParStream architecture design
  • Database design, configuration and optimization.
  • Database scalability and availability
  • Connectivity,  administration and management
  • Integration of ParStream and QlikView through direct discovery