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Search & AI -Driven Analytics

The World’s First Relational Search Engine


The World’s First Relational Search Engine.
Search to analyze your data in seconds.


Allegro-BI experienced Business Intelligence practice implements innovative visualization and analytic solutions across many industry verticals.   We work closely with you to understand your organization and strategic goals to implement the solution that delivers the right information and analytics required to improve your service delivery and management processes.


Data Insights You Can Trust.

ThoughtSpot's Relational Search engine is designed for numbers.
For every question, it calculates one answer across all of your data.

✔ Instant Data Access
Ask ad hoc questions from terabytes of data. Get answers in milliseconds.

✔ Guided Search Experience
Dynamic suggestions from a search engine that understands your role, search history and entire data model.

✔ On-the-Fly Calculations
Precise, real-time computations at any time granularity.

✔ 100% Accuracy
Numbers you can trust with zero guesswork or interpretation

Maximum sources. Minimum modeling.

Connect all your data sources and give everyone the access they need.


Get Up and Analyzing Fast


Connect your Data

Connect and combine billions of rows of data from any source.

Prep your Data

Combine sources, rename columns, and define consistent company-wide metrics.


Set Up Users

Define users and security rules while leveraging LDAP & SAML integrations.


Start Searching

Search across billions of rows and get answers in milliseconds.

Scale enterprise-wide to everyone


ThoughtSpot scales to billions of records and thousands of users, and returns results in milliseconds.

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We rapidly develop solutions that achieve your business goals.


Let Allegro BI transform your systems into next-generation intelligence platforms.