Allegro BI is one of the leading authorized resellers of QlikView in North America.
QlikView Resellers

QlikView Resellers

QlikView ResellerAllegro BI is one of the leading authorized resellers of QlikView in North America.  As an elite reseller and implementation partner,  we both resell the product and help our clients deploy it which is an important for two reasons.

First,  QlikView has a consumption based licensing model which makes it very flexible,  adaptive to business needs and cost effective.    The mix of QlikView licenses that you need is determined not just by the number of users but also by the manner, mode and frequency of use.  That’s where our deep experience in deploying QlikView helps,  because we can better recommend the right mix of licenses based on your business use and requirements.

Second,  as a deploy partner what is most important to us is the long term relationship which has to be founded on trust.  Our commitment is to recommend the license mix that we believe is in your best interest.  If you are not already working with another QlikView partner and have licensing questions,  please give us a call.

Resellers for Nprinting Qlikview Reporting Software

Qlikview is primarily an analysis and data discovery tool and its reporting infrastructure is not robust unless you purchase their Qlikview Publisher and PDF Report server licenses.  We believe that Nprinting offers a superior, less expensive option to automatically produce and distribute reports in either pdf formats or in MS Excel.  Allegro is an authorized reseller and implementation of both the Qlikview and NPrinting products and we can provide.  Contact us for more information.