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Customer Testimonials

Our experience with QlikView continues to be THE BEST experience we have had with any product we have ever owned. Allegro’s expertise and getting us off to the right start was a huge contributor to our success.
— Chris W., Dir of Corporate Services, Confidential Client, $600 million capital goods manufacturer
I have to relay to you that QlikView has helped us uncover too many issues to share in an email. Each day Allegro is here they more than pay for themselves in found revenue. My CFO told me yesterday this was the best IT investment Key Food has ever made.
— Steve Pfirrman, VP of IT, Key Foods Store Cooperative
Every time we evaluate our technology suite, we conclude that Qlikview is the right choice for BI and that Allegro is the right partner.
— Bill Lowe, VP of IT, Village Farms

QlikView has brought our business data to life. Our data now has meaning to every member of the organization, not just the number crunchers.
— Brian Friedman - CFO Bliss
Users love QlikView and how they can instantly access data for planning new campaigns or running inventive sales promotions. With QlikView, employees are now more accountable for performance and truly empowered with the visibility to make the best business decisions possible at that moment in time.
— Mohit Govani, VP of IT, Bliss
The best part about QlikView is that it puts data analysis into the hands of the people on the front line. No longer simply following instructions from management, they can view performance themselves and react appropriately.
— Mohit Govani, VP of IT, Bliss
Allegro has been instrumental in bringing smart technology to our business. Their thought process goes deeper than the “latest and greatest.” It’s about leveraging technology in a way that just makes good business sense.
— Mohit Govani, VP of IT, Bliss

The whole process is so much easier and more intuitive. In terms of access to data, QlikView offers the visibility that I’ve been chasing for a long time. And the speed at which Allegro was able to accomplish so much is remarkable compared to traditional BI solutions.
— Mitch Jensen, VP of IT, Sunopta
QlikView has made a direct impact on companywide performance through improved visibility of inventory and customer margin. Our finance and executive teams can quickly monitor financial performance by market and by customer and make necessary adjustments to inventory, costing, production and pricing.
— Gerry Watts, President, SunOpta Fruit Group, SunOpta