Allegro offers QlikView solutions that can help your business users explore their data, make discoveries, and uncover insights that enable you to solve business problems in innovative, new ways.

We bring together very strong QlikView implementation experience with a deep understanding of the business and technology dimensions of an organization.  Allegro has worked with organizations from a wide range of industries to help them solve their most pressing challenges in many functional areas.  This experience enables our consultants to bring creativity, innovation and fresh perspectives as we interact with your staff to address your specific information needs.  

We have successfully implemented solutions in following industries:

• Financial Services
• Insurance Benefit Plan Administration
• Travel and Hospitality
• Real Estate Brokerage
• Healthcare
• Media and Communications
• Professional Services
• Transportation and Logistics
• Professional Sports


Case Studies

I have to relay to you that QlikView has helped us uncover too many issues to share in an email. Each days Allegro is here they more than pay for themselves in found revenue. My CFO told me yesterday this was the best IT investment Key Food has ever made.
— Steve Pfirrman, VP of IT, Key Foods Store Cooperative
QlikView has brought our business data to life. Our data now has meaning to every member of the organization, not just the number crunchers.
— Brian Friedman - CFO Bliss
QlikView has made a direct impact on companywide performance through improved visibility of inventory and customer margin. Our finance and executive teams can quickly monitor financial performance by market and by customer and make necessary adjustments to inventory, costing, production and pricing.
— Gerry Watts, President, SunOpta Fruit Group, SunOpta