Alteryx Implementation Services


Allegro BI provides a wide range of Alteryx related services depending to fit the needs of our clients.

These services range from our Quick Start program to module development.

Quick Start Program:  

This is a 4-day engagement at the client location. The goal is to accomplish the following:

  • Product installation and immediate usability
  • Review of current processes and identification of application uses
  • Identification of training resources for enhanced productivity
  • Module development and knowledge transfer with client staff

Module Development: 

  • Data quality and data integration to include fuzzy matching, parsing and filtering of records, data joins and aggregations, and assembling data into groups based on key relationships
  • Data query and manipulation – development of advanced queries for extremely fast data indexing, counting, linked table queries, data retrieval and list generation, dynamic selection of input variables, and many other data management capabilities
  • Reporting and visualization – Allegro offers a suite of visualization tools to create report layouts with tables, charts, maps, images, and automated text summaries of quantitative results in a professionally composed document format. 

Need help getting up and running on Alteryx?