Design, Schedule, Share: Reporting Done Right

The Allegro-BI Approach

Allegro is a reseller and implementation partner for NPrinting, a third party reporting software for Qlik. Nprinting allows users to generate and distribute Qlik reports on a scheduled, automated process.

Allegro’s services for NPrinting include:

  • Consulting on selection of the right reporting tool for your Qlik environment
  • Installation and configuration of the NPrinting server software
  • NPrinting template development for complex reports
  • Training in report authoring,  development and publishing
  • Training in NPrintiing server administration

Improve Performance

NPrinting is the most advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for Qlik available on the market. It allows for generation, filtering and modification of reports based on user criteria. Reports can be distributed to whoever you want, whenever you want! With NPrinting, get the right information to the right people at the right time.

From Analysis to Action in a Single Click

Rapidly develop and implement scalable reporting solutions. Use data and images from Qlik tables, charts and objects, from multiple Qlik docs, to create a single report. Use Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTML to design your report with “drag-and-drop” simplicity. Use the built-in PixelPerfect editor to create professional, fully-customizable banded reports with a “wow effect”. Schedule reports or let your users generate them on demand from the Qlik desktop application or from a browser. Our intuitive interface will get you up and running quickly.

Timely Information to the Right People

NPrinting allows you to send user-appropriate information on a scheduled, conditional, event based or On-Demand basis. Appropriate information is always distributed because users are associated with specific filters, e-mail addresses, directories, Section Access User IDs and passwords. Reports can be delivered by e-mail, saved to user directories, requested from web-based environments, published to be accessed through a Newsstand, or printed for hard copies.

Leverage the Value of Existing Assets

Create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML report templates, making use of existing skills in your organization. Distribute existing Qlik reports in PDF and in image formats to take advantage of the work you’ve already done in Qlik. Use your directories and the data from Qlik your CRM, ERP and other external systems to automatically populate and maintain recipient and distribution group lists.

Your Success Is Our Mission

Creating the most intuitive and best supported information management solutions for you is our mission. We know that our users face the continuous challenge of meeting ever more demanding needs in the face of a massive increase in available information and so we continue to add features and build stability into all of our products. We are constantly working hard together with our worldwide network of more than 160 prestigious partners to help you become the killer app.

Extending the Qlik Platform

Learn how Qlik and NPrinting can extend the Qlik Platform


Get the Right Information

Use data and images from any QlikV tables and charts to create your Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and PixelPerfect reports

Use Your Data and Images

Forget about writing and maintaining scripts or macros: just put the data and images from any Qlik tables and charts into your Microsoft Office, HTML or PixelPerfect reports and you’re good to go.

Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint Reports

Creating professional Microsoft Office reports has never been easier. With drag-and-drop simplicity, NPrinting allows you to easily create great looking reports with data and images from your Qlik tables, charts, and objects.

Reach Pixel Perfectness

Create PixelPerfect banded reports using built-in editor. Use data from multiple QV documents to create charts, tables, and sparklines. Customize your report using advanced reporting features such as scripting, conditional formatting, table of contents, shapes, and your logos and images.

Author Web-Ready HTML Reports

Create HTML reports by using NPrinting’s internal editor. HTML reports can be embedded in e-mail messages so that users don’t have to download attachments from mobile devices to see them. HTML reports can easily be published on websites.

Gather your reports

Insert Qlik objects from multiple Qlik documents into a single report. You can sync these different sources based on the fields you choose. This allows to sync the same year, the same agent, or whatever you like.

Leverage Your Qlik Reports

Improve performance and exploit existing assets. NPrinting enables you to distribute your Qlik reports in PDF or PNG and other image formats attached to e-mail, saved into user-specific folders, delivered to FTP destinations, or sent to printers to make hard copies.

Share with the Right People

Send the information you want, the way you want

Distribute Reports

Distribute filtered-for-recipient reports easily, either by sending them as e-mail attachments or by saving them into recipient-specific folders. HTML reports can even be embedded in your e-mail message or automatically published on your websites!

Users ask

Allow your users to request On-Demand generation of reports or the execution of Tasks from web-based environments (Ajax, IE plugin, Workbench). Users will be able to apply selections to reports and combine them with existing NPrinting filters. You can also use On-Demand server from your Windows application.

Send Relevant Information

Not everybody needs to see the same kind of information. By applying cycles to categorize data and filters to refine it, you get to choose exactly what each of your users will view in their reports, saving everybody time.

Use the Right Format

Generate your reports in the form which best fits your needs. Keep the original Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML formats or convert to PDF or a variety of image formats, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP.

Import Thousands of Recipients

Whether you have a large or small number of users who need to receive reports, entering them manually is error-prone and time-consuming. NPrinting lets you import literally thousands of users from databases, files and LDAP directory services. When you import users, you can automatically put them into distribution groups, add user filters, and insert encryption and section access information.

Associate Recipients with Filters

When importing recipients, you can associate them with different filters or organize them by including them in distribution groups so that they will always receive only relevant data.

Distribute at the Right Time

Schedule automatic data updating and delivery of reports generated from it

Automate Your Tasks

Schedule your tasks and forget about them. Make your life easier by using out-of-the-box schedules and jobs that export and update your data automatically on a one-off or recurring basis. No need to write macros or scripts: NPrinting does it all for you.

Let NPrinting Deliver Your Reports

Your time is valuable. Just set the time and focus on more important things, NPrinting will take care of delivering your reports.

Update Your Data

Make sure your data is always current by letting NPrinting take care of everything. Data will be refreshed automatically from your Qlik documents and new reports will be created with the up-to-date data.

Update Your Recipients Regularly

Always keep your lists of recipients up-to-date by scheduling automatic re-loads of new or modified recipients.

Additional Nprinting Features

The right information to the right people at the right time

Modify, generate and distribute reports quickly and simply with NPrinting, the most advanced Qlik reporting application on the market. With NPrinting, you can create reports in a variety of formats, filter based on the information you need, and schedule automated report delivery with drag-and-drop ease.

Create Reports in Seconds

Can't write scripts or macros? No problem. NPrinting's report editor makes it easy to create useful, intelligent reports with only the data you need. Just drag and drop the objects, dashboards or images you need into the report editor, and you're set. NPrinting does the work for you.

Choose the format you need

NPrinting reports can be generated in a number of formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, and TIFF. Reports can be attached to e-mails, saved into network folders or FTP destinations, or printed as hard copies. You can even embed your HTML reports in e-mails or automatically publish to your website.

Choose your distribution list

Whether you're sending a one-ff, weekly, or monthly report, NPrinting makes it easy to send to the people who need your information. Save the time and hassle of manually inputting your recpient list, and import your databases, files, and LDAP directory services. You can automatically create distribution groups and filters and add section access information.

Automate Report Delivery

Set your report schedules and recipient list, and let NPrinting handle the rest. Reports can be sent automatically with updated data pulled right from your Qlik documents. Keep your mailing list up-to-date with automatic reloads of new or modified recipients.

Learn More

To learn more about NPrinting, click here to see a demo video, or take a look at these brochures and presentations:

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