The Allegro-BI Approach

Allegro is a reseller and implementation partner for Report Manager, a third party reporting software for Qlik. Report Manager allows users to generate and distribute Qlik reports on a scheduled,  automated process.    

Allegro’s services for Report Manger include:

  • Consulting on selection of the right reporting tool for your Qlik environment
  • Installation and configuration of the Report Manager server software
  • Report Manager template development for complex reports
  • Training in report authoring,  development and publishing
  • Training in Report Manager server administration

Generate reports directly from Qlik

Create beautiful high fidelity reports in minutes.

  • Provides pixel level control over format and distribution of professional looking reports
  • Supports ouput formats
    • Microsoft Excel ®
    • Word®
    • Powerpoint®
    • PDF
  • Supports creation of both simple and very complex reports

Report Manager is an add-on product to Qlik that provides high fidelity reporting. Reports can be generated by users on demand or automatically. Drop in buttons into your existing Qlik Dashboards to allow users to generate professional looking reports on-demand based on their Qlik current selections.

Enable end users to author reports

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Build reports within the Qlik interface

Brochure Quality Output

  • Sales Material
  • Customer Facing Reports
  • Weekly Executive Briefing Reports
  • Mapping

Build simple reports in seconds with Quick Merge

Embed qlikview charts directly in reports with a quick one line tag

End users can create their own reports by using a chart directly from Qlik and embedding it in Excel workbook or Powerpoint presentation.

Built in language

Report manager comes built in with scripting language with extensive built in API for a variety of functions such as:

  • Active Directory - Query active directory directly from the API to retrieve groups, emails, authenticate users
  • Email - Loop through report criteria and send customized email to individual users
  • Database connectivity - Join data from a variety of data sources such as Qlik, flat files, ODBC, SQL Server

Report manager provides built in language which has powerful API which enable creation of complex reports. The built in 3gl language has looping, conditional logic and has simplified API to loop through data.

Built in Scheduler

Schedule reports to run with pre packaged and / or variable report criteria

Report authors, administrators or end users can schedule reports with specific or relative report criteria to be generated and distributed via various methods to end users.

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